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NavVis Mapping Trolley

Capture Indoor environments
with panoramic images
and 3D point clouds.

NavVis Indoor Viewer

Explore and interact with the virtual environment – integrate interactive features.

NavVis Indoor Navigation

Indoor Navigation taken to the next level – meter-accurate, view angle sensitive and without infrastructure.

Unique end-to-end solutions

Captured raw data

Measurement points
with 3D laser scanners
using LIDAR technology
High resolution pictures

Point cloud & panoramas

Colored 5mm point clouds
in XYZ, PTS,LAS, and
PLY format
Stitched 720°
panorama pictures

Point cloud

3D meshes created with
your favorite point
cloud software

CAD & BIM model

2D & 3D CAD or
BIM models generated
from the
3D meshes


Target Markets 

Real Estate & Facility Management

Retail & Shopping malls

Transportation & Public Venues

Industry & Production

Health Care




Parking Lots